Cutting Class: Intro

Lots of my friends who want to get into anime (or friends who watch it already but want more recommendations) often ask me what shows they can watch that aren't set in high school, or that don't star high school-aged characters. I don't know why so much anime is about Enthusiastic Youths Doing Their Best, but for as much as I love it, I know it can be difficult to find shows that fall outside of this. So here's a series of blog posts I'll be doing regularly semi-regularly whenever I feel like it called Cutting Class. I'll try to show off anime I love that doesn't revolve around high school or young teenagers.

I'll be staying away from the more well-known series that fall outside the high school genre (Gundam, every long-running shounen series, etc) because those shows generally have plenty of coverage anyway. I'd like to share some lesser known gems with you all, shows you may not have heard of before! I hope you enjoy. It'll be fun!