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  • ARDENQUEST 2K13 - page
    • "It’s fair to assume that, judging from the title and the main character’s name, one is in for a showcase of egotism or narcissistic self-pity. Instead, these two factors demonstrate the sincerity of the story’s intentions. By putting their flaws and fears on display, Ripley sets up a story that one can connect to on a personal level. It becomes a story about a real person, not a character, within a fantasy setting and narrative. And that narrative is an amusing one. Through their colorful writing, Ripley establishes a fantasy story free of pretensions and convention. It is a set up worthy of a Monty Python sketch, with all the farce yet without the sarcasm. And that is a positive in this case, as the story intends to communicate its themes with no snark." - Stuart,


    • "At first I was expecting the rest of the narrative to trigger both my trauma and anger, but Arden twists the story to reflect the tone of the game’s opening message: “IF A CREEP HITS ON YOU, YOU HIT THAT FUCKER BACK.” It's a revenge fantasy that many abuse victims play in their head where confronting unwanted touches ends in a blaze of glory. I had the chance to meet Arden, who is a wonderful person, last weekend for the Toronto Comics Art Festival and told her how satisfying the game felt. I've always wanted a game that empowered my trauma instead of playing debilitating content that feeds it." - Soha Kareem, Set $Games to Destroy

  • Kindness Coins - page 

    • "In essence, Kindness Coins is a game about being the object of a typical dating sim protagonist’s constant, achingly gradual advances. For that reason alone, it’s basically hilarious, but underneath all the winking and nudging is an earnest tale of coming to grips with who you actually are and what you’re attracted to. The end result is charmingly chilled out and even a little mundane. The big moment of conflict fizzles pretty quickly, but – in spite of all the tree demons and bunnyclopses – it makes the whole tale feel grounded. In short, life happens. It’s messy and awkward and desperately in need of alcohol for a bit, but things have a way of working out eventually. Especially when you are maybe some kind of Satan." - Nathan Grayson, Rock Paper Shotgun

  • Date or Die - game website, demo
    • A visual novel about love, societal expectations of romance, and murder, with a vibrant and unique cast of characters to fall for. Will release late 2017/early 2018. Game dev!
    • "It’s delightfully twisted and seems set to be a delectable bit of horror. I could only access the intro, but Arden Ripley’s dark creativity still entices. Once again, the game offers a sideways take on relationships, using the insight of the medium to tell a new story that goes beyond a simple anime fantasy while still hitting those buttons. As is often the case with early previews like this, much remains to be seen. But the prologue available at PAX East gave a good enough sense of the characters that I feel a cautious optimism about what’s to come later in the year when Date or Die releases. They all feel distinctive, like each could make a uniquely intoxicating brew when mixed with your character." - Katherine Cross, Gamasutra

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